About Us

Who we are

Kollywoodtalks is the source of entertainment for People who loves the taste of Cinema. We, the Kollywoodtalks team is working hard to provide the information without collapsing the flavor.

We are just a newbie, started in 2020. We know Cinema is a big medium. Many big bulls are already holding the good market share in providing
the Cinema news.

But we are unique.
By God’s grace, We are Cinema fans in nature. We do provide content connected with our emotions. Also we know the taste of Cinema and Cinema lovers.

About our team

It’s not huge. We don’t have corporate offices. All this started from one. Now we are three.

Our future goals:

Started for ones. Now it’s in thousands. Aiming for millions. Means, at our initial stages, it’s hard for us to get a single view for an article. Now we are getting it in hundreds and thousands.

We always have belief in the quote “Small drops make a great ocean”

And… Our one and only goal is to make our readers happy when they come to our site..