Arjun Rampal urges not to associate him, Gabriella with her brother’s arrest

Om Shanti Om actor Arjun Rampal urges not to associate him or his girlfriend Gabriella with her brother’s arrest. Agisilaos Demetriades was sent to judicial custody earlier in the day.

Arjun Rampal family
Arjun Rampal urges not to associate him, Gabriella with her brother's arrest

The Narcotics Control Bureau arrested the South African national in connection with a drugs case today (September 25) in Goa. He has been arrested for the third time in two years for possession of drugs, a NCB official told IANS. The NCB teams from Mumbai and Goa conducted a joint operation during which they seized charas from him.

Rampal feels his in-laws are law abiding citizens and has requested media to not associate his brother in-law’s arrest to him or the rest of his family. The actor has faith in law and will let it take its course. He wants the media and public to deal with the matter with honesty and sensitivity.

Arjun Rampal
Ra.One antagonist Arjun Rampal

“I’m as shocked and taken aback as you are with this latest development today. It’s unfortunate that my name is being unnecessarily dragged in every publication though I have no association whatsoever. As far as my family and I are concerned, my direct family and I are law-abiding citizens. And while the incident involves a person who is a relative of my partner, I have no other connection or relationship other than that with this person. I request the media to not make headlines using my name as we are NOT related and this is causing hurt and confusion for my own family and the people I have a professional relationship with,” his statement read.

“I have faith in our legal system and whoever is on the wrong side on the law, should be treated as the judiciary deems fit. My trust is in the system in these matters. Let the law take its course and kindly refrain from attaching my partner’s and my name to something we have nothing to do with. I appreciate all your support and humbly request you to be honest and sensitive in this regard,” The Ra.One antagonist added.


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