Paresh Rawal Appreciative Of Theatres Contribution To Films, Says We Need To Balance Theatres And OTT

OTT platforms have taken a major step forward in the entertainment business not only because of the Coronavirus lockdown but also because of the content they create and provide. Amidst this, there are fears of theatres taking a back seat.

Veteran actor Paresh Rawal opines that a delicate balance should now be drawn in the industry where neither OTT nor theatres overpower each other. He is appreciative of the contributions made by theatres to the world of cinema for decades and feels they shouldn’t be discarded.

In an interview with Hindustan Times, Paresh said, “Cinemas will never fade away but people will have to work on the cost factor. There is restructuring that is required because if everyone wants to continue to run their business, there has to be rethinking involved, and it means everyone. But then OTT people should not get so much also that they can arm twist us later.”

He continued, “We have survived because of theatres, the big screen. We should not discard them and marginalize them, no matter what the demand and need of OTT is. We have to keep a balance and it is a very delicate thing and we have to understand that.”

Paresh, whose next film Coolie No 1 is set to release on OTT, added, “In the past seven or eight months, logo ne jo mazaa loota hai na because of the OTT platforms because of the different variety of subjects. The taste of the audience has changed and altered. And we have to be mindful of that now, we should focus on bringing such types of stories, focus on doing a certain level of acting and maintaining it.”

Coolie No 1 is a remake of the 1995 film of the same name, starring Varun Dhawan and Sara Ali Khan in the lead. The film is directed by David Dhawan, and is set to premiere on Amazon Prime Video on December 25.


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