Sandalwood’s own film city in making: Bhoomi puja photos went viral

Producer Umapathy Gowda known for bankrolling in mega budget ventures ‘Hebbuli’, ‘Robbert’ and ‘Madagaja’ is building his own film city on 16 acres of land. The construction of a filmcity in Bangalore will enable the film makers to shoot movies without travelling to the Ramoji filmcity in Hyderabad.

The film city will generate revenue to the Karnataka Government. The Bhoomi Puja was done on yesterday August 13 to start the making of a separate filmcity of the Sandalwood. The Bhoomi Puja was attended by Umapathy along with his family members.

Umapathy film city

About the Film city :

The construction of the filmcity will cost the producer a whopping sum of 175 crore rupees. Recently government announced the building of a filmcity in Mysuru. This filmcity made by Umapathy will have streets, bungalows, hospitals, railway stations and villages. Its construction is expected to begin by the end of this year.


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