Mollywood actress Surabhi Lakshmi was “thrilled to do a light-hearted lead role”

When Anoop Menon asked Surabhi Lakshmi if she would team up with him for his directorial debut, she asked if he needed dates this year or the years gone by. Though Surabhi was definitely thrilled to be a part of the debutant director’s project, the Mollywood actress’s reply to debutant director Anoop was also a sarcastic way of revealing that after winning the National Award for Best Actress in 2017, she hasn’t been a part of too many plump projects.

Surabhi Lakshmi padma
Surabhi Lakshmi playing title character in Padma

Surabhi Lakshmi

Surabhi Lakshmi was set to essay the title character in upcoming movie Padma where she plays the role of the naadan woman to an urbane husband. The Athiran actress shared, “I had worked with Anoopettan in several projects. In Thirakkatha, I was on the sidelines, mouthing minor dialogues in scenes between him and Priyamani. At that juncture, I didn’t even know if I had the right to dream of lead roles.”

Only after the first schedule of the movie did the actress realise that she was playing the lead role in Padma. Surabhi reveals, “Padma has comic elements and Anoopettan explained it has elements of the Trivandrum Lodge genre. What makes me really happy is for the first time since I won the National Award and after all my intense characters, a director had shown the gumption to cast me in the lead in a commercial film.”

anoop and surabhi starrer Padma min
Anoop and Surabhi starrer Padma

Moreover, it was probably the most glamorous setting she has ever shot in as due to the pandemic protocol, most of the shooting was done in a five star hotel.

Surabhi Lakshmi said that the whole crew had an enjoyable time shooting for the upcoming Malayalam drama Padma which is scheduled to be released by the end of 2021 or sometime early the next year.


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