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Cast and crew;

Production  : KJR studios, Soldiers Factory.

Direction     : Karthick Yogi

Screenplay : Karthick Yogi

Music         : Yuvan Shankar Raja

Cinematography: Arvi

Editing : Jomin Mathew

Dance choreography: M Sheriff

Cast : Santhanam, Anaga Maruthora, AnandRaj, Arun Alexander, Munish Kanth, Sha Rah, Shrin Kanchwala, Yogi Babu.

dikkiloona santhanam

Dikkiloona Review:

Dikkiloona is a hilarious sci-fi movie, the whole plot revolves around time travel. The whole movie sequence is portrayed to happen in 2027. The hero of the movie Santhanam who played the lead role,is frustrated by his marriage life. The hero unfortunately works as an Electric board line man who aspired to be a national aceful hockey player in the past.

Santhanam is watched experiencing tough life with his wife and with his in-laws, the scene created is a typical routine misunderstanding witnessed between a husband and wife. Santhanam who accidentally met a scientist’s crew when he jumped into an antique car’s dickey. Behind which we would watch an old lumber room setup of scientists working on the formula of a long designed time machine.

Accidentally Santhanam happens to meet his old school pal Yogi Babu working with the scientists, soon after Yogi Babu strikes against an electric shock, Einstein in him is revived and he remembers the formula for the time machine and it is observed functioning. Yogi Babu as Albert Einstein makes the audiences burst out into gales of laughter. Santhanam is stroked with a sense of thought that if his wedding which happened in 2020 failed his life would turn into his expected way.

The complete movie is what happens after he halts his marriage proceedings. The movie Dikkiloona gives a complete pack family entertainer and fun filled. The debutant director Karthik Yogi fabulously portrays the world in 2027 and his dream of technological development in 2027, the director has illustrated in the best of his way. The BGM king Yuvan Shankar Raja lifts the movie on his shoulder.

A fifteen minutes scene in a mental hospital is bound with hilarious humor. Motta Rajendran and a whole bunch of Lollu Sabha team created this scene in the movies. Throughout the movie Munish Kanth ,Anand Raj and Arun Alexander performed well with their roles. The cinematography was handled by Arvi. The film was defamed to have adult content but honestly it did not give a speck of vulgarity.  This movie Dikkiloona is a complete pack of family entertainer.


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