Thalaivii review

Thalaivii review.
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Release date: 10 th September.

Direction : A L Vijay 

Starring : Kangana Ranaut, Arvind Swamy

Music    : GV Prakash Kumar

Script writing : Madhan Karky, K.V. Vijayendra Prasad, Rajat Arora (Hindi).

thalaivii Review

Thalaivii review:

The movie Thalaivii depicts beautifully the history of Tamilnadu late CM J Jayalalitha. Kangana Ranaut reprises Jayalalitha in every move, every action, every dance and every step. Throughout the movie Thalaivi Kangana Ranaut lived as Amma through her action and her performance was absolutely awesome. 

Arvind Swamy completely recreated and revived Makkal Thilagam MGR in the movie. The people of Tamilnadu are absolutely awestruck with their acting skills. People’s eyes are filled with tears and are emotionally moved by Kangana Ranaut and Arvind Swamy. Nasser acted as Karuna in a silent yet strong and powerful role. Thambi Ramaiah won hearts by his touching and  innocent role. Madhoo reprised Janaki amma. All these days beautiful heroines reprised the legendary golden heroines. 

The cinematography was handled lovingly by Vishal Vittal, he recreated every inch of the scene beautifully and was a visual treat to the audiences. The tamil audiences who are in their 50s and 60s even 70 plus are also enjoying the movie thoroughly. The interval sequence was as satisfying and pleasing as the climax segment. 

The audiences are very thankful to the director and saluting him for helming this movie and depicting every sequence and scene of the late successful actress J Jayalalitha. The director A L Vijay is felicitated for Thalaivii. The life of  legendary actress Jayalalitha is depicted so beautifully and haters of Jayalalitha will also start loving her in the movie. This is what the success of the movie is all about.


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