Tughlaq Durbar review

Tughlaq Durbar review
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Release date : September 10

Direction : Delhi Prasad Deenadayal

Cast : Vijay Sethupathi, Parthiban, Rashi Kanna, Manjima Mohan, Karunakaran, Bagavathi  Perumal.

Production :  Lalit Kumar’s 7 Screen studios 

Sound track : Govind Vasantha 

Running time : 146 minutes.

Tughlaq Durbar Review

Tughlaq Durbar review:

Tughlaq Durbar is a mix of family entertainer and political satire. The movie is taken at a complete flow by Vijay Sethupathi and Parthiban‘s witty dialogues were hilarious and admirable. The onscreen chemistry between Vijay Sethupathi and Parthiban were at its peak, this is witnessed for the second time after Naanum Rowdy dhaan movie. 

Tughlaq Durbar is quite engaging and worth a watch. The movie’s climax ended abruptly and was more predictable by the audiences. Throughout the movie the alter ego and split personality concept was carried out perfectly. It was an all new concept in Tamil industry and Vijay Sethupathi aced it well with his mass overrule in acting. It is needless to teach and train Vijay Sethupathi to perform a villainous role who is already a profine master in it. He nailed his performance in this alter ego concept by acting for a good and a bad cause. Vijay Sethupathi’s alter ego interferes with his trickery and wickedness with his motto and desire in political achievements. 

Actress Manjima Mohan appeared as Vijay Sethupathi’s younger sister who unfortunately lost both her parents in the movie. She appears to play a native, emotional and empathetic sister in the movie. She appears as an abandoned single working woman for the family whereas Vijay Sethupathi as an irresponsible guy dreaming of a political career. 

The female lead in the movie is Raashi Kanna who doesn’t have that impact for her role and her screen presence is comparatively short. There were quite a few rational undone and unconvincing settlements but when you set aside that this movie will surely be a political entertainer.

Tughlaq Durbar Review
Tughlaq Durbar review


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