Actress Jyothika’s “Ponmagal Vandhal” movie wins justice for a 9year old rape victim.

Actress Jyothika who is recently focusing on women centric movies with women empowerment scripts to inculcate high standard forwarded hard hitting socio messages especially among women. The necessity of such moves from the actress’s end are paid off when a nine year old rape victim opens up to her mother about the abuse she faced. 

After watching the Ponmagal Vandhal movie, which featured Jyothika as an advocate striving hard for a verdict against rapists who were involved in shattering little girls life. The film was directed by J J Friedrick and bankrolled by Actor Suriya under the banner 2D Entertainment. This incident is definitely a winning moment to all the directors and all the actors across the country who are striving hard and focusing on delivering impact creating content. Among the movie makers whose vital intentions are only the movie’s success by hitting million views and bagging up a few crores, these makers whose aim is to create a good society stands high.

Ponmagal Vandhal
Jyothika in Ponmagal Vandhal…

Jyothika took this incident to her Instagram handle via a post and with a caption,”Shatter the silence! Each time a woman stands up for herself, unknowingly she stands up for all women”. The nine year old girl who was raped by her 48 year old relative opened up about her abuse to her mother after watching the dialogue in the movie in which Jyothika tells the audiences not to hide anything from their parents. Once the issue was brought to the knowledge of the victim’s mother she right  away filed a complaint against the rapist relative of them. The hearing was brought up yesterday and the rapist was sentenced to five years of imprisonment. This is what the true success of Ponmagal Vandhal is. 

ponmagal vandhal
Ponmagal Vandhal…


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