Bigg Boss 5 contestant Suruthi’s shocking statement: “I felt happy when my father died”

Ever since Bigg Boss 5 Tamil hosted by Kamal Haasan began, the house has been full of emotions. Contestants have often shared their struggles, even the most personal ones that melts hearts.

Bigg Boss 5 Tamil host Kamal Haasan
Bigg Boss 5 hosted by Kamal Haasan

In the latest episode of the Bigg Boss Tamil 5, Chinna Ponnu entertained the housemates with her soulful songs. The ‘Oru Kadhai Sollattuma’ task continued for the day and Immanuel was asked to share parts of his life journey. Imman spoke about his native, family and how he aimed to be an actor. He recollected his struggling days when he had to starve frequently. He disclosed that he was a vegetable seller for over 18 years, but didn’t give up on his dream of acting in cinema. Finally, he made his entry as a TV host.

He shared how he earned love by hosting shows for children. It helped him gain popularity and get more opportunities in TV and films. Immanuel also expressed his desire to be the first comedian to win the Bigg Boss Tamil title.

Suruthi breaking down while talking about her difficult past

When it was Suruthi’s turn, the model began by saying that she was happy when her father passed away. The others in the house were initially shocked to hear this but when Suruthi justified her statement, it left them in tears: “My grandfather and father are of the same age. My mom was married to him as a gesture of gratitude as he helped my grandpa by providing financial support during the tough times. My father had five children from his first married most of whom were older than my mother. I was an unwanted child for my father. He would always lock us away in a room. I was 13 when my father died but I didn’t shed any tears instead I was happy. I felt relieved that my mom and I are finally going to have an independent and happy life.” Later, she also elaborated on how one of her stepbrothers used to help Suruthi and her mother for their livelihood.

model Suruthi
Suruthi says basketball changed her life

Towards the end of her speech, Suruthi opened up on how basketball brought a great change in her life. She got a scholarship for her achievements in basketball which was a turning point in the miserable life she had previously led. Suruthi also revealed how she accidentally became a model under certain circumstances.


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