Fans slaughterd Goat to celebrate Annaatthe’s first look

From Paal Abhishekam to slaughtering goats to celebrating the mere release of the first look poster of Rajinikanth’s Annaatthe movie. Fans are the biggest supporters of their stars. There is no objection in celebrating one’s favourites but picking it up to the extreme level is heartbreaking. 

The trend of Paal Abhishekam was predominantly followed in South India to celebrate the film star’s success, movie hits and blockbusters, anniversaries, birthdays and what not. This is to an extent, for any behaviour once it turns out barbaric ,the people in charge and responsible should turn out. The trend of Paal Abhishekam started off ages ago, when people mentally respected their biases as equally to heavenly bodies and even created an illusion as their God. The routine of Paal Abhishekam was even disliked and unsupported by almost all the stars including Rajinikanth, Kamal Hasaan, Vijay, Ajith and condemned this practice. Unfortunately this is proceeded to the next level by slaughtering animals in the name of the actor and praying for their success.

Annaatthe poster

Annaatthe RajiniKanth

In kannada industry…

Recently when Annaatthe’s first and second look posters were released ,the fan bases of Rajinikanth slaughtered a goat to pray for the success of the movie. Similarly during Kannada Actor Sudeep’s birthday his fan bases slaughtered a cow and prayed for his wellness. These incidents and extremes are not to be entertained and the stars are supposed to feed the essential sensory contents into the mind of their fanbases.  

Amidst the era in which fans are donating blood, feeding poor and needy, offering services, lending helping hand to old age people, supporting education for talents, serving women and list is ceaseless, such barbaric behaviours are also observed. Which are truly shocking and heartbreaking. 



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