Jyothika as Mathangi in Udanpirappe is an inspiration from her mother in law.

Actress Jyothika 50- Udanpirappe which is streaming on Amazon Prime Video to add colours to the festive season. Actress Jyothika revealed that her character in the movie is inspired from her mother in law and the women in her extended lineage. She reveals that Actor Suriya’s relatives are all native of a small village near Coimbatore and she drew inspiration from these strong, subtle and silent women. 

Suriya and Jyothika
Jyothika with her husband actor Suriya…

Jyothika: a silent and strong woman in Udanpirappe…

The role that actress Jyothika portrays is about the silence that is filled in the heart of the rural women and the strength in their psyche by which they strive hard for subtle success in the chapters of their unsaid stories. Actress Jyothika who is living her after married life observing the conduct of her mother in law is truly inspired by her and chose to act in this movie Udanpirappe  and lived in their character as Mathangi. 

Jyothika and Sasikumar in Udanpirappe…

Actress Jyothika shares the screen space with actor SasiKumar who is already an expert in movies with village scenarios. His long time film and co-actor and director Samuthirakani is also featured in this movie. 

Udanpirappe: unique plot…

The plot of the movie Udanpirappe revolves around a rustic set-up depicting a brother-sister relationship with strong solid emotional sequences seizing the attention of the audience. The younger sister role is played by actress Jyothika and actor Samuthirakani plays the role of Jyothika’s husband in the movie, whereas Sasikumar appears as the elder brother of Jyothika. By viewing the trailer one would get a grip on the movie’s plot, there is a subtle cold war between Sasikumar as Vairavan and Samuthirakani as Sargunam which erupts violently as the movie proceeds. 


Jyothika as Mathangi who is entangled in between her husband and beloved brother figures out various norms to settle the misconception and reunite the family. The movie is helmed by director Era Saravan of Kathukutti fame and produced by Jyothika and Suriya under the banner of their production house 2D Entertainment. The rustic music score is by D Imman. Along with leading characters Soori, Nivedita, Sathish, Kalaiyarasan and Siddhu are playing a pivotal role in the movie


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