Lift- movie review.

Lift movie review.
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Production: Ekaa Entertainment

Producer: Hepsi

Direction: Vineeth Varaprasad

Cinematography: Yuva

Edited by: G Mada

Music score: Britto Michael

Language: Tamil

Cast: Kavin, Amirtha Iyer, Kiran Konda, Gayathri Reddy, Balaji Venugopal. 

 Lift is a horror-thriller flick with a strong survival genre. The complete plot of the movie revolves around the corporate realm where employees confront mental anxieties.  The protagonist of the movie Lift , Kavin is introduced as a newbie team lead in an IT park where he heads an unproductive and inefficient team. Whereas on the other hand, the hero of the movie entirely dedicates himself to his job. 

The heroine Amirtha Iyer is introduced to the audience as the HR manager in the same IT park and it happens to be a mess involved between Kavin and herself in the past. Even though she develops a subtle feeling towards the hero- Kavin. Managing the incapable dull team Kavin is sought to work overtime and he agrees to it. 

It is then the actual dreadful storyline kickstarted. Late at night, the hero of the movie is seen working all alone in the substantially vast corporate IT park amidst the spooky and eerie effects in the background. Furthermore, after echoed miseries and odds, Kavin finds himself trapped in the haunted office and the Lift.  Kavin turns every stone possible for him to run away from the suspicious, ambiguous place but he ends up being tangled in. To his weird anguish, he encounters the watchman slitting his throat right in front of his eyes. Alarmed and startled, Kavin unlocks the banging door, with much caution, to his panic he finds Amrita too locked up in the documents room. 

The struggle for survival and striving for a ray of hope from the spirits which captured the corporate IT park is what the climax of the movie is all about. The movie lives through the essential thrill that is required in a Tamil flick with an appropriate blend of needed comics and much-needed horrendous ghastly thrill. The movie reminds the audience to be a maze runner challenge between the lead roles and the spirits which engulfed their workplace. 


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