Regina Cassandra’s Soorapanagai trailer hits million views.

Regina Cassandra, the hottest heroine in discussions these days. Regina Cassandra’s Soorapanagai trailer trembles a chill down the spine and outbursts fierceful fights. There is great treat loading for horror movie lovers from the crew of Soorapanagai. Regina Cassandra appeared as a beautiful hot heroine in Athrava’s Gemini Ganesanum Suruli Rajanum then the actress paired up with Udhyanidhi Stalin in Saravanan Irukka Bayamaen. In both the movies the glamorous lady won hearts by her alluring charm.

Regina Cassandra's next is Soorapanagai: trailer hits millions

Regina Cassandra in negative roles…

No sooner than she turned into a baddie evil doer in Vishal‘s Chakra movie. Regina Cassandra nailed her performance as an antagonist, she hard hitted the fact that a female lead can ace her performance in any role be it a protagonist or an antagonist. Regina Cassandra is then witnessed again as a lady lead in Kasada Thabara movie in which she paired up with Premji Amaran. Out of blue once again Regina Cassandra is observed in a grey role  towering rage against Arun Vijay in Borrder movie. Fans are excited and enthralled by this fierceful, hot glamorous lass’s ventures. 

SIIMA nomination 1 1
Nominated under best actor in negative role…


Several twists and turns are awaiting with Soorapanagai featuring Regina Cassandra as an archaeologist in the lead role. By watching the trailer released one would get stuck in between the theme of history replaying the complete monstrous sequence all again and loaded with  eeriness throughout the trailer.

In the trailer, a cadaver is watched to turn out to be a skeleton in just four days and the phantom watched in the trailer is said to possess fingerprints which is against science and myth. The trailer maintains the suspense of whether the killer is a phantom or an actual living being. Regina Cassandra is seen in both traditional historical appearance depicting her as a queen and also in an elegant modern sophisticated archaeologist role. 

The ghastly music is scored by Sam C.S and the movie is helmed by Caarthick Raju. Soorapanagai is produced by Apple Tree Studios, Gokul Benoy and Sabu Joseph worked behind creating the  scary scenes with their spooky cinematography. The trailer has aroused the heat of anticipation among audiences much before the movie release. 

Soorapanagai: Regina Cassandra's next movie as a negative role
Archeologist Regina Cassandra…


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