Selfie – GV Prakash and Gautam Menon starrer reveals first look poster

Selfie poster:

GV Prakash is a versatile Kollywood icon. The music director, singer and actor has aced every field of his profession and entertained the audience in every way possible for a few years by now. The Tamil mega icon will now be seen starring with director-actor Gautham Vasudev Menon in an upcoming action thriller. The first look poster of this much awaited and exciting thriller is out which gives us a glimpse of the two central characters of the film played by GV Prakash and Gautham Menon.

Selfie GV Prakash and Gautam Vasudev Menon
Selfie poster

The movie has been titled ‘Selfie‘ and is helmed by debutant Mathi Maran, a former associate of VetriMaaran. Touted to be an action movie, Selfie also features Varsha Bollamma of 96 fame as the female lead. Veteran actor Vagai Chandrasekar has also been roped in for a crucial role in the film.

Selfie director Mathi Maran reveals that, “This is a college story, but revolves around incidents that happen outside the campus. College students have a life outside of their campus, and it is one aspect of their lives that I have touched upon..”

On GV Prakash, the newbie director says he feels GV Prakash is one of the very few actors who can efficiently pull off the role a college student and that is why he feels Prakash is appropriate for the given role. When asked about Gautham Menon’s character in the thriller, the director gets all cagey and says, “All I can say for now is that I wouldn’t call him the antagonist. This will not be a typical film about the face-off between a hero and a villain.

The world of Selfie is bigger and many characters will play crucial roles in the script.. “It is evident that newbie filmmaker Mathi Maran is a great fan of Vagai Chandrasekhar as when asked about the veteran actor’s role in Selfie, he says, ” He is someone who resembles my own father. Also, he is an amazing actor, and can carry off father-figure-like roles very well. I am a fan of his screen presence and I have exploited it in my own way in this film.”

GV Prakash Gautam Vasudev Menon Selfie
A glimpse of Selfie crew

Guna, a newcomer, will be seen playing the role of a friend to GV Prakash’s character in the forthcoming Tamil biggie. He informs that the character played by Guna will be a fulcrum to the plot.
According to the debutant director, the title of the thriller Selfie is just a metaphor. He also adds, “I can assure you that I have not used this word as the title just because it is a popular term these days…”
Produced by Sabaresh, the movie will have cinematography by Vishnu Rangasami.

Selfie is set for theatrical release in December, 2021.


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