Sivakarthikeyan adopted lion and elephant from Chennai Arignar Anna Zoological park

Sivakarthikeyan’s adoption:

Ever known tender hearted Sivakarthikeyan has adopted a lion named Vishnu and a female elephant named Prakrithi from Chennai Arignar Anna Zoological park. The nature lover and pet freak has been a part of this generous act and  the surging star Sivakarthikeyan has adopted them for a duration of six months

Sivakarthikeyan has adopted a lion named Vishnu and a female elephant named Prakrithi
Officials announced Sivakarthikeyan’s adoption…

Arignar Anna Zoological park is a habitat of around 2452 animals and still counting. The zoological park offers a scheme where the public are most welcomed to adopt the animals of their choice and take care of their maintenance and expenses. Sources claim that SK has earlier adopted a White tiger named Anu from 2018 to 2020.

This is not a first encounter to witness Siva’s generosity; he has been impressed over years by supporting young talented  fresh minded newbies in industry. During the unfortunate and unforeseen loss of an actor from a television channel, he came forward to take responsibility for the late actor’s kids’ further education. 

Sivakarthikeyan don
Sivakarthikeyan in the movie Don

The down to earth,meeky modest free from vanity actor Sivakarthikeyan was also witnessed to have possessed a blissful big garden. This nature lover actor is sure to have inspired many budding youngsters, since the actor is known to have an infinite fan base among youngsters. 

The hilarious humor sensed actor is much awaited for his medical thriller centric movie Doctor helmed by Nelson Dilipkumar and is currently working with debutant director Cibi Chakravarthi in the movie Don.


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