Sivakarthikeyan’s Doctor Pre release press meet: reveals updates.

The most anticipated Sivakarthikeyan’s Doctor to hit screens on October 9th onwards after a long struggle, the movie crew decided to organize a pre release press meet late this evening and that was a 1hour 15 minutes completely hilarious humor filled press meet. Unlike the usual press meets this was totally different and the Doctor team shared a lot of positive energy to the audiences and the fan bases who are extremely enticed to witness the serious shuttle Sivakarthikeyan as Doctor Varun in the movie Doctor.The completely tantalising trailer leaves the audience at awestruck.

Nelson Dilipkumar: Captain of the ship- Doctor.

Nelson Dilipkumar 1 1
Director Nelson Dilipkumar…

The director who helmed the movie Doctor and who is helming Thalapathy Vijay’s Beast right out attempts a jovial interaction today and reveals a lot of exciting updates about Doctor. The director opens up that Actor Sivakarthikeyan will not be watched in the usual way he is, an all together complete drastic change in the attitude of actor Sivakarthikeyan is getting loaded with the movie Doctor, as revealed by the director. The lovely bond between the long time friends Sivakarthikeyan and Nelson Dilipkumar is super fun filled and it has brought them to the silver screen, is what the rest of the movie’s cast feels about. 

The Doctor Team…

Doctor 1
Doctor team…

The movie cast including the hero Sivakarthikeyan, heroine Priyanka Arul Mohan, the antagonist of the movie actor Vinay,supporting characters Archana, Redin Kingsley and Zaara took part in the press meet today. The music score is by Rockstar Anirudh Ravichander who is currently busy working on the post production music schedule and was unable to join the press meet. The soul of Doctor- theme music score of Doctor movie is currently winning hearts and is on trend. 


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