Vagaipuyal Vadivelu celebrates his birthday today : comeback after 4 years.

Vaigai puyal Vadivelu celebrates his 61st birthday today. He was the most popular tamil comedian ruling the era of cinema and he is celebrated as the precursor of south indian memes culture. Recently Vaigai puyal opened up in a press meet that he is addressed as Vaigai puyal Vadivelu but was struck hard by a hazardous hurricane. 

Vadivelu birthday celebration
Vaigai Puyal celebrating his birthday today…

Vadivelu’s come back…

Comedian addressed that it is only by God’s grace that people are able to gather and smile at each other after this deadliest outbreak. The actor says that he had been longing to give a comeback for four long years but couldn’t, it is only now he is relieved much after the red card is rejected.

Vadivelu honoured the film director Subhaskaran for recreating his life and supporting a comeback for him.The actor expressed his complete feelings to his fanbase that his life would change colourfully hereafter. The actor shouts out that his aim in life is to make people laugh out loud forgetting their stress. 

Vadivelu birthday
Sun Pictures wishes Actor Vadivelu for his birthday

Upcoming movies…

Vadivelu expresses his gratitude to Tamilnadu cheif minister M K Stalin that once after he met him, the actor’s good vibes started off. He concluded that his future will also be as happy as how he is at present. He has endless lineups in his hands Comedy Cowboy, Naai Sekar, Imsai Arasan 24 am Pulikesi and also in GV Prakash Kumar‘s  next film. The recent update is that Santhosh Narayanan to score music for upcoming movie Naai Sekhar. 


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