‘Seetimaarr’ – Tamannaah turns into Arjun Reddy for a while in action film

Tamannaah Bhatia‘s superb performance in Telugu sports action drama Seetimaarr has earned her immense praise and appreciation from the spectators. The movie marks her hat-trick hit with director Sampath Nandi, who has cast her as Jwala Reddy in the Gopichand directorial.

Jwala Reddy in Seetimaarr
Tamannah as coach Jwala Reddy in Seetimaarr

The star actress undoubtedly fit the role of Jwala Reddy with perfection and has shocked her fans by using two cuss words as was demanded by the character she was set to play. Tamannaah abuses a negative character saying ‘Madarchd’ in a scene. In another scene in the second half, she uses the Telugu word ‘Lanakodka’ against a villain. The delivery of these dialogues makes the audience feel like she becomes Arjun Reddy for a while in the much loved action movie.
The censor board probably did not feel the need to omit these words as they were driven by emotions and the movie’s theme. It seems the audience is really impressed by her uncensored dialogues.

Jwala Reddy song Tamannaah
Tamannaah in Jwala Reddy song

Seetimaarr cast and crew:

Starring Gopichand as the hero, the movie has Tamannaah as his otherwise cheerful, star-struck rival. The dance moves in the song ‘Jwala Reddy‘ as well as the verve displayed by the lead pair has won the hearts of fans.

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