Bigg Boss Tamil 4: Makers To Take An Indirect Jibe At Contestants With The Latest Task?

After a much happening call center and ranking task, Bigg Boss Telugu 4 contestants are gearing up for the weekend. Before meeting Kamal Haasan in the weekend episodes, the nominated contestants inside the house will have to witness a harsh reality about their performances so far.

As per the latest promo, contestants, who were nominated in the call center task will be individually called to the confession room. While sitting on the couch, Bigg Boss asks them to talk about their performances so far to the audience, who have been watching them from outside for 60 days now.

Contestants including Shivani Narayanan, Aajeedh, Sanam Shetty, Som Shekar, Jithan Ramesh, Anitha Sampath, Nisha and Gabriella were surprised with the sarcastic tone of Bigg Boss, and were seen finding hard to answer him. If you may recall, the listed contestants except Anitha Sampath were seen supporting each other during the call center task.

Sanam Shetty and Balaji Murugadoss had also claimed that others during the task were not playing individually, which was indeed not fair according to them. With several netizens too reacting and complaining the same about the contestants, looks like Bigg Boss’ new task has come as a warning, to make them understand that they are literally doing nothing in the house.

Let us tell you that Kamal Haasan in the previous weekend had requested contestants to play their individual game as Bigg Boss Tamil 4 is a big platform, through which they can achieve more in life. Well, with the current task being given to the contestants, we will have to wait and watch what unfolds in the weekend episode, when the Ulaganayagan joins the housemates.

Notably, Jithan Ramesh is the new captain of the house.


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