Game of Thrones prequel- House of the Dragons teaser glimpse is on trending.

The prequel of the mythical series Game of Thrones, “House of the Dragon” exhilarating surprise teaser released by HBO Max. The series is all set to arrive in 2022. The striking lines in the glimpse ” Dreams didn’t make us Kings. Dragons did”, fascinates the worldwide audiences of “Game of Thrones”. 

The House of Dragon series is destined to fall over 200 years preceding the fall of the throne. It depicts the battles of the Targaryen civil war, the most illustrious being the Dance of the Dragons. The tantalised fanbase for about two years who are furthermore awestruck by the fictitious legendary glimpse released today. 

House of Dragons
The swords made of Valyrian clinging in combat!

The teaser promises the enticing and engaging storyline behind the wait of two years and reveals the element of the remarkable cast. The series is most likely to feature Paddy Considine, Matt Smith, Sonoyo Mizuno, Steve Toussaint, Rhys Ifans and Olivia Cooke. 

Gods, Kings, Fire and Blood…

As of Game of Thrones season, 8 stood a lot of critiques for the blemishes in its finishing. The House of the Dragon captivates a ton of fabulous fantasies from the fan bases. Although the exact date of release of the show remains under secrecy and suspension, officially updated to get released from 2022 onwards.

The house of dragons
Dreams didn’t make us Kings… Dragons did…

The most anticipated touch of demigods, dragons, divinities, fire, fight, fright, blaze, bizarre, blood and whatnot are on their way to treat the appetite for famished fan bases with flavoured spicy, aromatic, hot delicacies. 

Prince Daemon – Mark Smith’s vibrant voice over thrills the buffs with the stunning statement – ” Gods, Kings, Fire and Blood. Dreams didn’t make us kings, Dragons did”. 


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