Guess what is Keerthy Suresh’s new nature venture?

What is our Miss India fame Keerthy Suresh about to experiment ? This is all South India is buzzed about. The actress’s  new venture with nature. Keerthy is leaving us all thrilled and engaged reflecting about what she will be revealing. It is likely that the actress had developed a new Instagram handle “my big news” under the user id Keerthy Suresh‘s big news.

keerthy Suresh’s big news.

The actress’ new Instagram bio reveals that it is based on a new venture to make her vanity guilt free. Keerthy seeks her fans to make guesses about her new venture in the comment section. Where celebrities, her peers, well wishers and fans keep coming out with amazing surprising guesses. 

Keerthy Suresh preparing for her new venture
Keerthy – A nature lover …

The actress posted a chain of her pics and kept the atmosphere hooked and crooked about her new venture. Where she was dressed angelic in her first pic with a blissful background and one would admire her plucking a red flower. Where in the comment section her fans kept making guesses whether that is all about a natural face mask, coffee or tea product or was it about natural health mix. Keerthy comments on them to keep guessing and she announces that the countdown begins. 

What is the actress mixing up ?…

The next day this didn’t stop she posted another picture of her which portrays her product being made. Furthermore she is adding anticipation among her audiences. The actress looks alluring again in her angelic white sleeveless top. She is dressed up best with her gorgeous grin spreading warm to her fans. It looks that the actress is extremely delighted and hysterical about her new venture.

Stunning Keerthy Suresh in White Salvar
Alluring Keerthy Suresh …

Yet again the actress came out with another post revealing the ingredients which she is mixing up. One would guess that she has pepper, salt and mint leaves with her. Is she preparing a health drink? Health conscious, beauty conscious Keerthy Suresh wanted to experiment with her own health drink, and questioned many in the comment section of her page. Some guessed that the actress is laying the foundation for commencing a new business. 

perfect body and a perfect smile …

Big reveal.

A day ago the actress posted another pic of her having a bowl filled with some natural powder. She looked resplendent in her red velvet Kurti. Yes indeed she is tantalising all. She also announced that there will be a reveal soon!…


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