Happy Jungkook’s day..!! -BTS’s youngest vocalist, fans go crazy

BTS bang bang..!! 💥

Happy Jungkook’s day: Jungkook’s birthday is today, the youngest vocalist in the BTS band, South Korean singer. BTS also known as Bangtan Boys (Bangtan sonyeondon), this band took shape in 2010 under Big Hit entertainment. This is a Seven boys South Korean band which is celebrated all over the world. World famous “oppa”s include Jin, Suga, J-hope, RM, Jimin, V and Jungkook. 

Happy Jungkook's day..!! -BTS's youngest vocalist.
Celebrating Jungkook’s birthday…

BTS – motives…

This team together they had developed, learned ,relearned and unlearned themselves. They unleashed the positive vibes through their trademark lyrics limelighting the essence of mental health, self love, personality development, social commentary, resisting peer pressure, withstanding losses, beauty of life, path towards loving oneself and equality, gender biases and what not.  These young boys taught the world humongous positivities. 

Junghook birthday hash tags
Hashtags in trend …

Golden maknae…

Jungkook better known as “Sold out king” for his desirable fashion style and that which attracts lead korean stars even and out of stock immediately. The ‘golden maknae’ – younger precious vocalist of BTS is felicitated with loads of showers on his 24 th birthday today. The BTS army in India dedicated a tribute to him in Mumbai today. Their tweet reveals that they have hired a bus shelter billboard Mulund West and alluded it with Jungkook’s posters and pictures. 

Happy junghook day
Bus shelters in Mumbai…

This most celebrated chivalrous vocalist has sung beautiful solo songs and heart throbbed many, this includes Euphoria, Still with you, My Time and Begin. The Chinese bias of this wonder man is planning celebrations to capture attention globally and scheduling international projects on his birthday. The fan club is executing to banner out a massive seven meters high exclusive stage stuff resembling the cover design of the song “Still with you”. This project will be set up in Seoul near the HYPE building – BTS management company. This will remain throughout the birthday week. 

Bus shelters in Mumbai for jung hook
Dedication by Indian BTS army…


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