Kunal Kapoor on how he ‘accidentally’ became an actor

In an interview with Hindustan Times, Kunal Kapoor opened up about his journey in the film industry. He talked about how he ‘accidentally’ became an actor and the response he has been getting for playing Mughal emperor Babur in The Empire.

Kunal in the empire
Kunal Kapoor in The Empire

Speaking about the response to The Empire, Kunal said, “It has been like nothing I have experienced before. Obviously, with Rang De Basanti and Aaja Nachle, there was a great response but now we live in a time of social media where the responses you get are pretty instant and you instantly know when people like or don’t like something. The response that I have got on social media, through messages, and people calling has been absolutely overwhelming and pretty phenomenal.”

Kunal Kapoor revealed he related to the vulnerable state of the character (Mughal Emperor Babur) he played in The Empire. “I think as actors, or anybody that is in public life, you are constantly dependent on validation from other people,” the Bollywood actor stated. He also referred to actors as a ‘helpless piece of the puzzle’, pointing out the contribution of writers, directors, musicians, producers and others while making a film.

Kunal as Mughal Emperor Babur in The Empire

About how he ‘accidentally’ became an actor, Bollywood actor Kunal Kapoor said, ““I was really sort of struggling with what I really wanted to do in life. I was in college and I tried multiple things – construction business, exporting mangoes to Hong Kong and doing all kinds of stuff. I worked in the stock market for a couple of years. Each time I did something, I found that I didn’t have my heart in it. And I felt like I wasn’t enjoying it.”

The Bollywood actor also went through a low phase in his career where he wasn’t offered work for a long time. “That is something that you have to really understand, that this is the business of cinema, if you are looking for purity here, this is not the place to find it. This is where people make and lose money and you have to sort of understand that and live with that,” Kunal concluded.


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