Red card is over ; Silambarasan TR is back into his action

No more red card for Actor Silambarasan TR, The Actor resumed his second schedule for his upcoming movie Vendhu Thaninthadhu Kaadu helmed by director Gawtham Menon. Ever soft natured Film maker Ishari Ganesan wished to drop the red card issue at once and by guaranteeing to settle the compensation. The shooting of the movie was halted due to the unforeseen ban imposed by the producer council. 

Ceaseless controversies.

A producer filed a complaint against Actor Silambarasan hunting to settle his compensation for shelving a movie. However the actor denied this clear cut that he was not the cause for the movie being shelved. Two years ago Actor Silambarasan was pushed into controversies unceasingly. The actor was claimed to be punctual for his shoots and not too many producers raised their hands against the conduct of the actor.

The Silambarasan TR’s comeback.

A couple of years back it was Micheal Rayyapan who lodged a complaint against Actor Silambarasan to the Tamil Film Producer Council, for his loss over Two crores as the movie Anbanavan Asarathavan Adangathavan failed to reach its mark.  The producer held Actor Silambarasan accountable for his loss since he didn’t turn up on time for the shoot. 

Following this, several other producers were also at swords’ points. Producer Suresh Kamachi did announce that Silambarasan TR was dropped from his political drama movie Maanadu. Suresh claimed that due to inappropriate approach and unprofessional attitude of Silambarasan he will be continuing the movie with another substitute. The destiny took shape favourably. Actor Silambarasan TR settled their misunderstanding and continued the film and was also wrapped recently. 

Pathu Thala Silambarasan TR
Pathu Thala tamil remake of Mufti…

Film maker Gnanavel Raja was also among the producers who were in an uproar against STR for his remake of Kannada blast Mufti. The film is now titled as Pathu Thala and the shooting to begin from September onwards.  Earlier Gnanavel Raja was hostile towards STR for refusing his calls and for fleeing away to Thailand amidst shoot. 

vendhu thanindhathu kaadu first look str
Vendhu Thanindhathu Kaadu…

On this ground the Tamil Film Producers Council slapped a red card against the actor and decided not to support his films financially. The actor has now pounced back vigorously by significantly dropping his weight , working out and building his arms up is back into action. The actor has a long line up now Maanadu, Vendhu Thanindhathu Kaadu, Pathu Thala and Corona Kumar.


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