Thalapathy Vijay and Thala Dhoni’s treat to their Fans .

What a big treat to Thalapathy Vijay and Thala Dhoni fans today … ! Fans celebrating the duo met up today at Gokulam studios .Where Dhoni had an AD shoot and Thalapathy Vijay for his upcoming Beast movie shoot . This meeting between the two legends is celebrated with enormous zest among their huge fans across the country . The classy look elegant attire of Thalapathy awestrucks his biases and bluey choosy look of Dhoni spellbinds his fanbase .This what is amplifying the internet today in the late afternoon.

Got the men with the plan right here .

It is very vividly captured that Thalapathy is seen in his beast mode today and his fans feel thirst quenched after glancing at his hearty smile and no less our Thala Dhoni is ,his ever fading warm smile spreads warm across the country today .
It is observed by the fans that back in 2008 Thalapathy and Thala had met and that pic is too viral today . Yet again this is after 13 years and now in 2021 the two legends pose together for their fans to celebrate their togetherness. What is witnessed here is both of them are blessed with a boon of reverse ageing . Surprisingly shocking is that both look as young and as charming as they were in 2013 .

Thala Dhoni with Thalapathy Vijay
Thalapathy Vijay and Thala Dhoni in 2013 and in 2021 …

Icons of India

Dhoni came all the way to Vijay’s caravan today for a short and sweet meet . This reunion of two biggest icons of India is celebrated with likes and comments skyrocketing and gadgets getting heated up by their fanbase. It is an immensely pleasure and substantiate eye treat .


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